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How We Work

Strategize, design, build, debrief. Repeat 17,500 times a year.

Make It Personal®

A crowd of thousands is an audience of one

Our world thrives on personal connections. And our business is driven by them. It’s our mission to make the world a smaller place by creating moments that matter.

We believe meaningful experiences have the power to evolve brands, to build relationships, and to inspire action. The more connections that are made, the more impactful every experience becomes. We put people at the center — clients, partners, and attendees — and make it personal® for everyone.

Every year someone comes to a show, they’re a different person. They have new devices, new technology, new information, new access. If we want people to be fully present in these moments, we have to inspire them.

Our Proprietary Process: the Freeman Learning Cycle

Learning, iterating, and

challenging what’s possible.

The Freeman Learning Cycle is our proprietary, proven process for experience design that delivers accelerated results. Thoughtful consideration of your goals and audience needs drive us every step of the way. From start to finish, open communication, clear direction, and constant collaboration keep our teams on track and in sync

Hi. Hola. Hallo. Bonjour.

No matter where you are or the story you want to tell, we speak the language. From Melbourne to Mexico City, from Boston to Beijing, our reach extends across markets both large and small. Our teams have local knowledge of cities, cultures, and customs. Our presence across the globe puts us at the front lines of developing technology and emerging trends. We share these insights between teams and across geographic lines to drive innovation for our clients and our industry.

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Leading the Industry

Global Perspective

From Canada to China. From the Northeast to the Far East. With over 90 offices worldwide and growing, and the largest network of certified partners across the globe, we are everywhere you need us to be.

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Leading the Industry

Intuitive Knowledge

Our involvement in tens of thousands of events each year adds to our storehouse of knowledge. We bring that insight, experience, and know-how to everything we do.

Leading the Industry

Personalized Approach

One size never fits all. In a world of mass personalization, we strive to deliver customized, highly personalized experiences to your most important audiences.

Leading the Industry

Collaborative Culture

No other company can bring the same depth and breadth of services that Freeman can. Our collaborative culture allows us to bring this all together when and where you need it.

Global Certified Partner Program

Our service extends beyond our 70 global offices. We’re everywhere you need us to be through our network of best-in-class Freeman Certified Partners. We do all the work for you and manage the teams, through a network of highly skilled partners who have been rigorously tested over time. To achieve Freeman Certified Partner status, companies must pass a comprehensive quality and customer service analysis for all products and services. We continuously evaluate and train our partners to ensure every global market maintains the Freeman standards of quality, service, and value worldwide.

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