Mo Husseini

SVP, Design

Great stories are more powerful than great ideas.

Mo Husseini believes that clarity of purpose, a relentless sense of design minimalism, curiosity, optimism, and the power of human ingenuity and creativity can be harnessed to create amazing stories and experiences. He lives to create beautiful, simple, and powerful things that capture and change people’s minds and hearts. Well-steeped in print design, exhibition booth designs, and film, Mo also has a deep background in brand strategy, messaging, narrative, creative ideation, experiential marketing, and a variety of digital and physical media. He helps clients launch products, services, and brands into the world through live and digital experiences.

Mo aims to understand the needs, hopes, perspectives, and concerns of others. This motivation is what informs his quest to create meaningful and inspirational work. He loves the energy, risk, and reward of brainstorming. He tries always to work in a spirit of honest and open collaboration that leads to trusted partnership. Most of all, he believes that design thinking can change our industry and our world in profound ways.

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