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Albert Chew

Chief Operating Officer

Albert has spent a decade at Freeman, and during that time learned that days are often won or lost based on the collaboration of Freeman people and their personal connections and interactions with customers and business partners.

He knows that Freeman people are the company’s primary assets and the critical drivers of brand loyalty and success.

Albert has excelled in several roles over his years at Freeman, including executive vice president and chief people and planning officer, and chief operating officer for the Expositions Division before assuming the role of president. He was recently appointed chief operating officer for Freeman, focusing on the integration of Freeman-branded business units, to present a unified approach to Freeman clients.

People will always want to interact through live engagements, even if it’s facilitated by technology. Ultimately, our job is to enable connections that help our clients and their customers succeed.

Before joining Freeman, Albert owned TRIACOM Creative Enterprises, a successful management consulting firm focused on helping major companies in various industries, as well as non-profit groups, with strategic planning and integrating customer and people strategies. Before that, he rose to executive vice president of strategic operations during a 13-year career with ClubCorp Inc., where he was responsible for people strategy, purchasing, facilities, food and beverage, tennis and athletics, golf course maintenance and golf operations.

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