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An annual gaming competition brought fully online


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Transforming an annual live competition to a virtual event

With COVID-19 restrictions rendering a live in-person event out of the equation, the annual gaming competition that traditionally drew millions of gamers had to move fast into a virtual environment while ensuring engagement and interest did not wane.

The key challenge was how to transform the large e-sport festival virtually that will seamlessly combine the offline and online elements to create a top-tier experience for players and fans alike all over China.


Captivating online audience with spectacular AR content

Despite the physical restrictions, eSports in China is still on a growth trajectory and the pivot to a completely virtual event provided an opportunity to reach an even wider audience globally. Via social listening, we found that China’s gaming and League of Legend fans crave a platform to share the spotlight and passion for the game, their teams & the gaming community. The theme for the 2020 edition was thus born, letting the players and fans come together as one, encouraging them to “fight together as heroes”.

The creative ideation focused on an elaborated AR approach for the various key elements of the event to create a big WOW moment for online audiences. The opening show saw EZ and LUX (2 key game characters) deliver a stunning theatrical performance, accompanied by a live 100-piece orchestra. LED light spheres were strategically installed in the audience seating area, in place of a live audience, bringing the environment to life with a symphony of lights.

Engagement was heightened with a celebrity match led by Jay Chou and Karry Wang that was played out online in 2 different countries. Game merchandise and sponsors’ products were used as prizes for the online lucky draw session, further increasing the fans’ online engagement and minimizing the drop off rate.


Stunning virtual event that captivated gamers worldwide

1 M
global viewers
1 M
views from 42 livestreamed sessions on Weibo platform
1 B
topic views

In a short span of 3 months, Freeman delivered a full suite of solutions from creative ideation, stage design, content creation, platform management, to operations and logistics.

The breathtaking AR and VR effects pulled in over 600 million viewers globally over the pulsating 4-day competition.

On Weibo platform alone, 42 livestream sessions have accumulated 230 million views while 170,000 short video clips generated 3 billion views.

There was massive online engagement with 13.2 billion topic views, and 10.22 million online engagements from 8.35 million users. The 17 teams also gained a total of  707 million fans during the summer game season.

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