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Standing out amidst the saturated competitive landscape

Google Developer Days (GDD) is an annual brand showcase where local developers get to learn about the latest Google products and technologies. The main objectives of this annual event were to drive awareness, brand preference and adoption of Google products.

In a market that is saturated with global brands and alternative homegrown Chinese companies, Google needed to find a way to stand out among its rivals and show its relevance to the local developer community in China.

Through GDD 2019, Google aimed to demonstrate its understanding of local preferences and its commitment to the next billion users in China.


Elevating future living through immersive and culturally relevant innovations

Freeman was engaged to help Google grow its brand aspirations, inspire the developer community and showcase how Google brings its mission to life through new technological breakthroughs and products.

Through initial research and social listening, we learned that Chinese developers share a common goal with their international counterparts – to elevate future living for their users through their innovations. We decided to focus on this common goal through our campaign to reinforce the idea that Google is a reliable partner in the quest for innovation.

In this vein, GDD was centred around the theme of “Helpfulness for Developers”. The event was focused on three simple but powerful key messages – “Faster, Efficient and Effortless”. We designed an immersive experience that could deliver these key messages effectively while driving a sense of belonging and personal attachment to Google as an enabler and partner in the developers’ creative process.

We turned the annual tech event into a fun and interactive intellectual property (IP) show with Google products featured in Sandboxes (product display booths) to allow the audience to interact with the technology in relevant situations that they can relate to culturally, environmentally and sociologically, thereby maximising visitor engagement.

We leveraged Google’s own superior offering by featuring over 50 tech solutions in the Sandbox experience area where each of Google technologies were put into action, simulating real life examples to showcase how Google products can elevate future living. In one example, the classic Chinese folktale of “Madame White Snake” was retold through the use of hand shadow puppetry created by machine- learning AI developed by Google, offering users a new and engaging way to learn culture and history beyond the books. Other uses of technology on show included using AI to teach dance moves, machine-learning to improve accessibility for handicapped users and using AR to offer users a new way of engagement with mobile phones.


Increased brand affinity, relevance and engagement

Turning GDD 2019 into Google’s own IP show via the sandbox approach was a hit and successfully positioned the brand as the preferred partner and enabler to inspire developers on their next idea to help their user communities.

Attendees showed great interest in the interactive booths and games, resulting in a 97% satisfaction rate and 11% year-on-year growth in attendance.

Online engagement also increased dramatically by 900% to over 12 million in 2019, with over 1,400 earned media coverage from the event.

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