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Digital Displays

Luminate by Freeman™ enables event organizers to get the right information, to the right audience, at the right time. Provide real-time schedules, improve navigation across the venue, enhance interaction with content, and engage audiences with information such as news, weather, or emergency broadcasts. Utilizing Luminate throughout your event offers an opportunity to generate sponsorship revenue, increase engagement, and inform attendees.

Luminate includes:

Wayfinding: Interactive display that helps attendees find exactly where they need to go so they can quickly and easily locate exhibitors and sessions, pinpoint a location on the show floor, or find relevant content.

Digital Signage: Eye-catching digital display for real-time updates on schedules, event information, announcements, or meeting room details and engages audiences with information such as news, weather, or emergency broadcasts.

ePosters: Interactive screen that is designed to make it easy for audiences to understand key concepts and educational information; these are great for medical shows since the information is lengthy and complex. Attendees can see all posters on state of the art touch screens or self-guided, interactive kiosk stations.

Social Walls: A live, visual feed of social interactions relating to the event so attendees can stay connected and join in on event topics and conversation.

Custom Interactive: Fully customizable experiences built to engage attendees and expand the brand message. From dual-screen interactive kiosks to variable-sized video walls, displays come in various sizes and configurations.


Boost engagement - increase attendee engagement with interactive digital screens.

Improve wayfinding - make it easy for attendees to find show areas and navigate the exhibitor floor.

Improve attendee experience - Update attendees in real-time on schedules, event information, directions, and meeting room details.

Deliver a better social experience - help attendees stay connected and join conversations with live, visual social walls.

Offer unique sponsorships - expand event revenue for show organizers and increase brand awareness for exhibitors with unique digital sponsorships.

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