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Audience Research & Segmentation

Drive results with data, research, and insights.

Want to see an uptick in registrations? Driving more people to your program begins by identifying your target attendees. Whether your goal is to extend your reach to younger audiences or keep people coming back year after year, audience research and segmentation is a critical strategic step.

We’ll not only help bring more people in the door, but we'll also engage them with an on-message experience that resonates.

New Audience Development

Determining the true size of your potential audience helps to quantify the overall experience value, so you can determine the appropriate level of investment. We’ll help you find those untapped audiences.

Audience Segmentation & Weighing

Most events are composed of four or five distinct audiences, each driven by different motivations and expectations. Our hybrid approach brings together audience data, secondary research, and industry trends, for a 360-degree understanding of your target audiences.

Persona Development and Messaging

It’s essential to have a deep understanding of your audiences’ business objectives, challenges, and top considerations. Personas are composites of your target audiences. We’ll study their unique characteristics and create specific messaging that is on point.

Each segment of our industry's ecosystem brings a unique perspective about the business, and this broad understanding is invaluable as we interpret and make recommendations.

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