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A brand experience thrive guide for show organisers

By Freeman®

Amid the proliferation of augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and automation, people crave meaningful, face-to-face interactions. Our audiences are expecting the smart, personalised, and playful use of digital solutions in the events space, while wanting to connect – with like-minded individuals, with a narrative, with your brand.

The fittest show organisers recognise the value of unique, real-time interactions to survive: more than two-thirds of marketers agree that brand experience is an effective way to reach their organisation’s goals, and 61 percent believe it makes customers feel valued. However, it’s show organisers who design and create moments for all five senses that thrive; moments that enable and inspire people to not only connect with others, but also to experience brands on an intimate and personal level.

Today’s most successful events are continuous marketing vehicles that use unforgettable narratives and meaningful moments to encourage, enrich, and multiply these connections. To accomplish this feat, show organisers must transform into both empathic storytellers and tech-savvy marketers – a powerful combination.

The marketing landscape is wide open for smart organisers to make a lasting impression on not only attendees, but exhibitors and sponsors as well. Doing so requires a carefully focused, meticulously executed strategy to not merely survive and stay competitive, but to thrive and be sustainably successful.

In the medium of Live
do you survive or do you thrive?
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