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The Value of Brand Experience

By Freeman®


  • Learn how live experience helps advance business goals and drive sales
  • Get stats and proof points on how our industry builds connections and impacts the global economy

Every day, more screens and platforms compete for your audience’s eyes and ears. And yet, people relate face-to-face, not face-to-screen.

Live brand experience excels like no other channel at building human connections. It enables brands to engage audiences; create unforgettable moments; and open doors, hearts, and minds.

It’s one of the most powerful tools in an organization’s arsenal.

And as a key part of an integrated marketing strategy, live experiences drive real, bottom-line results for brands, consumers, and the economy as a whole.

To illustrate and celebrate the true value that only a live brand experience can deliver, we’ve curated a collection of industry views and proof points. Our many thanks to the institutions, companies, and people we’ve cited here. We hope these insights and data will provide the fuel you’ve been looking for to help you elevate the way people interact with your organization — and the way your organization interacts with people.

Live experience helps advance business goals and objectives

Lean on live to drive value and insight across marketing disciplines and to all aspects of your business strategy.

  • 84 percent of executives believe that in-person events are critical to their company’s overall success. (Source: Bizzabo)
  • 60 percent of companies incorporate event data into their overall business intelligence and product development efforts. (Source: Freeman)
  • Across the board, more than two-thirds of marketers surveyed agree that brand experience is an effective way to reach their organization’s goals. (Source: Freeman)

Nearly nine out of ten companies use event marketing data to inform wider marketing strategies and tactical decision-making. (Source: Freeman)

9 out of 10
Live experience helps drive sales

If you want to generate leads, influence customers, and close sales, look no further.

  • 85 percent of marketers say events and experiences lift net purchase intent. (Source: Event Marketer)
  • 97 percent of people attend events to shop for new products and technology. (Source: CEIR)
  • 67 percent of consumers purchased products direct from consumer experiences. (Source: Event Marketer)

89 percent of marketers surveyed value brand experience for its ability to generate sales leads.

(Source: Freeman)

Live experience helps build connections

Creating a lasting bond is all about producing an experience that brings your brand to life in a meaningful, authentic way.

  • 95 percent of senior marketers say that in-person events create more human connections in an increasingly digital world. (Source: Bizzabo)
  • 91 percent of marketers say events and experiences create positive brand perception. (Source: Event Marketer)
  • Consumers are willing to pay to experience a brand — if there is value. One-third of consumers have paid to attend a brand experience. (Source: Event Marketer)

Nine out of ten marketers agree that brand experience delivers strong face-to-face interaction and more compelling brand engagement. (Source: Freeman)

9 out of 10
Live experience helps grow the economy

With the ability to generate such powerful demand, live experience creates a ripple effect that can be felt across communities, industries, nations, and the world.

Our thanks to the institutions, companies, and people who conduct this research.

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