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Quant by Freeman™

Quant is the industry’s first real-time data analytics dashboard. Powered by our event tech integration engine, Fuzion by Freeman™, Quant gives event professionals a powerful data intelligence tool that provides actionable insights, allowing them to see exactly what they need to keep the event on track for success.

Quant showcases easy-to-understand dashboards and reports that let every member of the team keep their fingers on the pulse of the event and easily monitor the metrics that are most important to their goals. The result? Faster decision making, business growth and improved attendee and exhibitor experiences.

Data doesn't just start with deep analysis. Organizations must develop clean and clear data roadmaps and architectures so that they can maximize the value from their data. We have a team of experienced data strategists to help you cut through the noise and finally understand what all this information means.

Quant was helpful in alerting us when session rooms were filling up, so we could immediately direct people to an overflow room. It also gave us an opportunity to increase our digital engagement. By evaluating session feedback in real-time, we knew that the speakers with the best reviews were good candidates for interviews on Facebook Live and in the MashUp Studio that broadcasts to our virtual audience.
Tonya Almond VP of Knowledge and Experience Design, PCMA


Show Organizers

  • Speed up decision making – Real-time, automated data connections enable entire organizations to review data together and adjust decisions concurrently.
  • Grow show attendance and revenue – Data-driven strategies enable organizers to offer more engaging attendee, exhibitor, and sponsor experiences that keep them coming back every year.
  • Optimize event ROI – Identify, measure, and map data to measure progress toward goals and business objectives, and ultimately validate the ROI of event investments.

Brand Marketers

  • Elevate brand awareness – Data-driven strategies enable marketers to provide attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors what they need to keep an event on a healthy growth track for years to come.
  • Visualize brand engagement – Easy-to-understand graphs and charts help marketers see the impact of their efforts with attendee demographics, profiles, social media engagement charts, and more.

Quant provides a 360-degree, real-time view of event data, allowing event professionals to be agile and responsive, adjusting on the fly to exhibitor and attendee needs.

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