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Portfolio Planning

Making every event count

Spend your time and budget wisely.

Whether you participate in 10 events a year or 100, it’s important that each one delivers on your business objectives and aligns with your broader marketing efforts. Our team will clarify those objectives, then develop a process to vet events, so you can make strategic investments for your organisation.

A standardised metrics program will provide deep program-wide analysis and reporting by event tier, geography, and business groups, which will deliver insights to make informed event selection, investment, and planning decisions.

A simple rating system will make it easy for you to decide whether you should sponsor, exhibit, or speak at an event. You’ll soon be able to review your entire event portfolio and quickly identify those that align with your organisation’s goals — and which events you can skip entirely. The next time budgets change, you can decide to enter a new market. Or if you’re approached about a new event in your space, you can confidently decide which events will have the biggest impact.

Standardised Metrics Program

Simple Ratings System

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