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ICE Totally Gaming 2018

Exhibits & Installations

RPNPay: scaling up, standing out


Location: Europe, Middle East, Africa / Europe Industry: Financial, Legal & Real Estate Technology

RPNpay, a renowned payment service provider (PSP) based in Asia, was looking to promote its overall brand and connect with both new and existing clients at ICE Totally Gaming, a show it had exhibited at only a few times before.

The company wanted to cement itself as a flagship business within the industry, and sought a functional yet distinct stand design that would include demo stations, seating areas and a hospitality zone.

Finding the perfect balance

We considered the client’s goals for the event, and our creative team mocked up a series of different designs in response. They each balanced the company’s desire to make a bold statement on the show floor with the need to ensure the stand remained true to the overall look and feel of the RPNpay brand. We also considered the customer journey and looked at the ways we could incorporate key elements in a functional way.

Scaling up in size and design

Our teams designed and built the entire stand, which represented RPNpay’s largest yet. Key elements included a branded structure which hung overhead, and a central bar and hospitality area that was set against a similarly branded backdrop complete with stained glass detailing. It featured a series of demo stations, where representatives could walk guests through their latest payment products, as well as comfortable lounge seating for networking and relaxation.

It was the first time we’ve had a stand of that scale, and it seemed to really pay off, with the space proving busy throughout the show. All those who saw it were impressed by both its size and design, and we met with everyone who we had set out to see at the show.

Meeting with all of the right people

The client was very pleased with the design, delivery and level of service provided by our teams, explaining: “ Freeman proved a great partner to work with and made the entire process seamless. We look forward to working with them at next year’s event.”

They were able to meet with those who they had hoped to, and their overall experience of exhibiting at the show was very positive. RPNpay and Freeman subsequently have plans to continue to work together in the future.

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