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Event Health & Safety Consulting

Comprehensive safety guidance customized for your event

When it comes to in-person events, you’ve only got one chance to get it right. 

Of course you want it to be an engaging experience. But you need it to be safe, too. Health and safety considerations for face-to-face events add an extra layer of planning (and time!) that requires analysis, expertise, and attention. 

Let our health and safety experts take on that complexity, so you can focus on making moments that matter for your audience. Our consulting services offer a comprehensive event safety assessment backed by the research, data, and recommendations needed to make your event safe.

Need health and safety support?

Reach out and request a consultation.

Host a safe event with confidence

Event favorability report

Build confidence and make informed decisions with a custom report based on the unique characteristics of your event, including: 

  • Assessment of event attributes such as location, venue, timing, and format
  • Analysis of COVID-19 variables including CDC guidance, local regulations, vaccination rates, virus variants, attendee sentiment on travel, venue protocols, travel industry, reopening plans, and more

Occupancy analysis and traffic flow planning

Work one-on-one with a strategist to develop and design floor plans for health and safety considerations, such as:

  • Integrating social-distancing protocols into event design and flow for your show floor, common spaces, and more
  • Implementing technology solutions and tools to maximize a safe experience

Communications strategy and messaging toolkit

Packaged and ready for you to assure your audiences, our messaging toolkit includes:

  • Communications plan complete with best practices for implementation
  • Crisis communications plans for managing any outcome on-site
  • A press release template, talking points, and a robust Q&A

I’m ready to confidently host a safe event! Let’s get started.

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