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Votre guide pour améliorer la présence d’une marque : stratégies de marketing expérientiel pour exposants

Energize your exhibit with cost-saving tips, digital direction, and measurement know-how

What you will learn↑

  • Budget planning: How to spend your resources wisely
  • Sponsorships: What makes an ideal opportunity?
  • Digital: How to make an impact with technology
  • Measurement: Tips for proving success through ROI

Exhibitors always seek new ways to connect with audiences.

These days, they’re turning to brand experience to take engagement to the next level.

No matter the size of booth or budget, exhibitors must design engagements that leave a lasting impression. Creating connections that last, however, depends on sound strategy and the alignment of goals to set a successful plan in motion.

Consider Your Guide for Boosting Booth Presence to be a guidebook to recharge your exhibit program with strategic ideas and tips — including a bonus strategy worksheet to set the foundation for year-round success.

Download your copy now!

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