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Build on The Green: Sustainability and Custom Exhibits

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Jessica Glenn
Jessica Glenn

Sustainability Manager


Best practices for being more sustainable with custom booths

Events are a fantastic way to create buzz for your organization — so when the time comes to plan, make sure your exhibit has the right pizzazz to pull everybody in. With some strategy and imagination, you can create an immersive, custom booth experience that excites attendees while still being environmentally conscious.

Challenge your team

Get your team and vendors to rise to the challenge of creating a custom feel by reusing elements from previous exhibits. Replacing trim or changing graphics may be all that’s needed to refresh an old exhibit. This is an excellent opportunity to collaborate, as they’ll likely have a wealth of ideas for updating existing elements instead of starting over.

If you do need to implement fully-customized updates, keep your carbon footprint in mind. Why not add a dash of modern appeal to your old exhibit by replacing older materials with lightweight, recycled materials that use fewer resources?

For the Good of Everyone: How to Make Your Event More Sustainable


For the Good of Everyone: How to Make Your Event More Sustainable

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Consider costs

It's true, added upfront costs associated with lightweight exhibits exist, but the savings realized in shipping and maintenance costs more than make up for it.

So if your exhibits are due for an update, why not shed some weight?

Old-fashioned wood exhibits need constant maintenance between shows and are susceptible to warping. With aluminum and fabric, setup is often faster, and you only need to wash it periodically to bring back the original glory.

Also, remember many shipping companies price by weight. Aluminum is lighter than wood, so transporting is less costly and better for the environment. Plus, your sleek, high-tech exhibit will win over attendees show after show.

Build sustainability

When the time comes for a new build, create the booth using sustainable materials. Think about your costs beyond just one show; your organization is no one-trick pony and neither are your exhibits!

Two eco-friendly options to consider:

  • A lightweight event frame can be fitted with brand-specific fabric signage and just a few event-specific elements, giving you maximum versatility and longevity for a minimal footprint.
  • Custom cut cardboard with direct-print graphics creates a seamless and eye-catching look – think a brick wall, panels that appear to be wood, or custom-cut panels to replicate a mountain range. This modern, lightweight option is ideal for single-use exhibits, graphic walls or backdrops, and event structures like registration desks or entry pillars. Plus, the materials are completely recyclable!

Explore the options available so you know what to expect when it’s time to reuse, replace, and recycle your old exhibit and its materials. With a green plan in place, you can move strategically toward increased sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

The future of events is sustainable. So by thinking about the environmental and financial costs of your exhibits up front, you can lead the way with a sensational, sustainable booth that creates buzz for your brand and the environment.

Making Efficiency Stand Out

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Making Efficiency Stand Out

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