Digital Day and the Imperative to Innovate

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William Collins
William Collins

Vice President, Digital Product Management


A brief takeaway on our inaugural digital show-and-tell experience

Is digital technology just a must-have in your organization? Or can it be turned into a strategic imperative that leads the way to better customer engagements and better events, all while delivering real value for both your customers and your company?

Freeman is putting that question to the test — and if our first ever Digital Day was any indication, we think we have our answer.

Everyday, we see the power of bringing together people together as we help our customers deliver great experiences. That’s why we know it’s so important to provide face-to-face interactions for our customers that help us prove the value of combining technology with the live event experience.

We held our inaugural Digital Day in Washington D.C., gathering over 150 event professionals to talk about digital technology in the event space. Throughout the day-long event, the group discussed which technologies they see as the most important to propel the future of the event industry. A panel discussion featuring event tech entrepreneurs shared why they started their ventures focused on the event space. Current and future digital technologies were showcased and available to demo, with capabilities that range from enabling the planning and execution of events to enhancing the engagement of attendees and exhibitors, and everything in between.

Areas of strong interest included virtual reality, enhanced sponsorship programs, real-time delivery of event data and strategic analytics, enhanced solutions to sell exhibit space on the event floor, second screen technology, and digital marketing solutions to help attract and retain event attendees. At the end of the day, the message was clear: digital technology solutions focused not only on solving challenges within the event space, but also on providing real value to event organizers and their constituents, should be a strategic pillar for any successful brand experience.


What you need to know to stay ahead of the ever-changing experiential marketing curve.

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