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Five Quotes from Marketing Leaders to Inspire Your Event Measurement Program

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Katherine Zimoulis
Katherine Zimoulis

VP, Content Marketing

Improve your brand experience with tips from event measurement experts

We’re surrounded by data, but gathering the right information to truly understand our brand experiences and make informed decisions is more critical than ever. Last month, Freeman hosted Thinking Thursdays sessions in Washington, DC and Chicago, IL, bringing together panels of event professionals to discuss various techniques in gathering, integrating, and analyzing event data.

Using Sync by Freeman™ (formerly FXP | touch), we polled the event professionals in attendance to learn more about the biggest challenges confronting their event or organization. 67% of those polled indicated their primary challenge was growing attendance, but only 39% felt they were using data effectively to address this issue.

The message is clear: If you face challenges with your program but struggle to effectively use data to measure and improve upon it, you are not alone. Here are five quotes from our panel of experts that can inspire your event measurement program:

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

Margaret Core, CAE

VP Marketing & Industry Events, Food Marketing Institute

It starts with realizing that data and measurement are the foundational elements of any successful brand experience. If you are looking to improve your events, you must first examine the data available to you.

You have a question. What do you need to answer that question?

Skip Cox

SVP, Research & Measurement, Freeman

The key to success is not trying to solve all of your challenges, nor is it working to incorporate every bit of data into your event measurement strategy. Instead, start by honing in one area for improvement, and examine only those data points that help answer the particular questions you have.

Small is no excuse. Anyone can apply strategic thinking and problem-solving to an event measurement program.

Dave Weil

VP Event Services, SmithBucklin

No matter the size or the budget of your program, all event professionals can benefit from a close examination of their data sets. Keep in mind, event measurement doesn’t have to be a huge, full-blown program. Start small and grow from there.

We all have finite data sets. None of us are working with “Big Data.” You can analyze the data you have access to. It just takes time (not necessarily money).

Ryan Brown, CEM

VP Sales & Event Services, National Trade Productions

Although event measurement is an investment (of time and sometimes of money), it is manageable. Brand experiences generate robust amounts of data, for sure, but the amount is predetermined based on the tools and techniques you use. How much of that data you decide to analyze is up to you.

When it comes to promoting attendance, track marketing activities in the weeks leading up to the event, and compare year over year to find trends and improve your campaigns.

John Catalano

Senior Director, SME

More than two-thirds of event professionals polled selected attendance growth as a top concern. It is important to analyze your activities — not just for growing attendance, but for any challenge — based on what you are doing now, as well as compared what you have done in the past. This will give you a clearer picture of where things are headed.

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