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March 21, 2019 4–7pm

Alexandria, VA

Brand Experience Lab: Branding Part 2

Theme: “The Power of Event Branding -Bringing an Event Brand to Life”

Facilitator: Christie Kim, Associate Creative Director, Freeman

Panelists: Shauna Peters, CEM , Senior Account Strategist, mdg; Daniela Smith, Brand Strategy Director - Creative & Branding Team, American College of Cardiology; and Maureen E. Varnon, Director Membership - Marketing and Communications, ASCRS•ASOA

In February, we learned that your event brand is a promise to attendees of what they will take away from your event. We discussed the value of developing and maintaining a powerful event brand, separate from your association brand, to deliver on that promise and drive attendance.

This month’s Brand Experience Lab brings those learnings to life through powerful case studies that demonstrate event branding concepts in action. You’ll learn how event teams translate brand strategy into creative execution, effective marketing tactics, and unique onsite experiences that build an event promise attendees want — and keeps them coming back year after year.

Join us as we learn how you can evolve your association event into a brand experience that is
considered THE place for information in your sector.

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Brand Experience Lab: Branding Part 2


March 21, 2019 4–7pm


675 N Washington Street, Suite 200
Alexandria, VA 22314

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