November 8, 2017 11am–12pm


Women in Technology: Making a Difference

Four prestigious panelists discuss their experiences being Women in Technology

According to McKinsey, the number of women completing technology programs has dropped significantly in the past 30 years. As a result, women are generally underrepresented in technology-related jobs, especially in technical positions and at leadership levels. Join our prestigious panel of women in technology as they discuss how they navigate the digital playing field to ensure continued success and growth in their careers and personal lives.

The panel will discuss:

• How they got their start in technology
• How they have turned obstacles into opportunities
• How women in tech can set themselves up for success in leadership roles

...and much more!
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Jennifer Jobin, Former National Sales Partner, Perficient

Michelle Johnson, CIO, Freeman

Elizabeth Jean Poston, Sr. Director, Helios

Danielle Puceta, VP Digital, Freeman

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Women in Technology: Making a Difference


Moderator: Beth Martin, VP Marketing, Freeman


Michelle Johnson, CIO, Freeman
Danielle Puceta, VP Digital, Freeman
Jennifer Jobin, former National Sales Partner, Perficient
Elizabeth Jean Poston, Senior Director Business Development, Helios Interactive


November 8, 2017 11am–12pm


1600 Viceroy Dr.
Dallas, Texas



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