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The Data Strategy You Need to Prove Event Value

Going Beyond Cost-Based ROI

Many organizations have a narrow focus when considering event value, as they only measure the potential for revenue based on leads. But with today’s wealth of available event data, almost any metric could be set up to measure the full breadth of business impact and return on investment (ROI). And given that different events have different purposes, and thus different value, it’s essential that you have the right data and the right metrics to help you evaluate each of these outcomes. 

Proving Value Through Data: Go Beyond Cost-Based ROI Metrics discusses the steps you need to take to understand the true value of your events, including:

  • How to define the objective(s) for each event in your portfolio
  • Why multi-level metrics can paint a more accurate picture of event outcomes
  • How to uncover the story behind the data and derive meaning from metrics

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