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It's Not Easy Being Green: Sustainability At Your Event

What you will learn↑

  • Solutions for transportation and travel
  • What to do about the swell of swag
  • Managing edible (food) waste
  • Handling paper and plastic
  • Working with charitable distributions

One of the biggest challenges facing the events industry is sustainability. You know taking the necessary steps to green your events is the right thing to do and you’re working toward that goal. But being sustainable (and taking the steps needed to get there) is often the green elephant in the meeting room.

So, let’s uncover the elephant: Planning meetings and events can negatively affect the environment.

Phew! There, we said it. Now what? Well, the first step in any problem-solving exercise is identifying the hurdles. When you know what you’re dealing with, it’s easier to find solutions.

Together with Sustainable Brands, we uncovered some of the complications that hinder hosting eco-friendly events.

Let’s reframe these barriers as opportunities. Get inspired! The paper also includes ideas, ways to get started, and examples of organizations that are getting sustainability right. No more hiding behind the elephant. Bringing these issues to light helps us work together to elevate the collective eco-consciousness of the industry.

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