Exhibit Design

Exhibit Design

We design show-stopping exhibits at any scale.

Exhibit Design

Creativity that commands presence

Cutting-edge exhibit design gets the conversation started.

Exhibiting is a rare opportunity to meet your audience face to face. Whether offered at massive scale or more intimately, a thoughtful, well-executed design brings people together. The right experience will evoke emotion, inspire interaction, and strengthen connections.

We’ve had the opportunity to create, design, and construct exhibits in thousands of venues worldwide. We leverage that international insight, proprietary knowledge, and network of resources to design never-before-seen creative executions for clients around the globe. We're often the first to bring innovations in exhibit design, structures, and technology to new markets.

Sometimes the sky’s the limit. We've designed large-scale exhibits that actively engage attendees to interact with technology, other attendees, or even the structure itself. Just as often, we do more with less. We dedicate just as much attention to detail in designing eye-catching 10 x 10 booths that dismantle easily for travel between several shows. Every space presents challenges, but we welcome them. Constraints motivate us to find the most creative solutions.


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Exhibit Design

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