Experience Design

Experience Design

Invite people to experience your brand differently.

Experience Design

Deepening brand and audience relationships

Weave your brand narrative throughout an experience, from the beginning to the end.

When brands can inspire a feeling, the effects are powerful. The experiences — and the brands that create them — leave lasting impressions. Experience design is how we create these long-remembered moments for your brand. It all begins with your unique-to-you brand narrative. What's the story you want to tell and how do you want your audience to walk away feeling? We design your experience to align with your brand goals.

A brand experience starts long before the doors of a conference hall open. It begins from the very moment your audience thinks about attending your event — and it continues long after they leave. For the most memorable experience, we help you tell a cohesive story across every touchpoint before, during, and after your event. Whether you're interacting with your audience online through social media or live through a multi-sensory experience that engages their emotions, we find every opportunity to tell another chapter of your story. By design, we create experiences that surprise, delight, and resonate.

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Experience Design

Freeman offers a range of services to bring your story to life and engage your most important audiences.
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