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Concierge Elite

Concierge Elite

Stay apprised of all customer activity for seamless exhibitor experiences.

ConciergeElite makes it easy for show organizers to ensure no exhibitor need or request goes unmet. We bring together the right people, processes, and technology to deliver an enhanced level of customer service. By arming operations and the delivery team with digital access to exhibitor information, order status, and requests, it’s easy to keep tabs on everything that’s happening on the show floor. With your exhibitors’ needs so well-managed, they can spend more time at their booths making face-to-face connections and less time tracking down service requests.

Detailed exhibitor information

Access timely information and quickly respond to questions, ensuring your exhibitors have a great event.

Fast issue resolution

Submit and clear requests in real-time to efficiently manage and resolve any issues that may arise.

Streamline communication

Empower your team with tools to be more collaborative, efficient, and effective. A single platform provides transparency and visibility so everyone can do their jobs better.

Robust reporting

Real-time reporting improves the exhibitor experience during the show and is useful for production meetings and post-show analysis.

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Concierge Elite

Web-based tools and apps that simplify the planning and management of your show, program, or exhibit space from start to finish.
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