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Custom PlanTour

Custom PlanTour

At-a-glance view of exhibitor sponsorship opportunities that help increase your revenue.

Custom PlanTour helps show organizers grow sponsorship revenue while providing a better way for exhibitors to view and select sponsorship opportunities. Exhibitors can virtually stroll through your venue and view all sponsorship opportunities at a glance. From banners to digital signage, they can select and purchase sponsorship opportunities to extend their brand. With the seamless and easy-to-manage portal, Custom PlanTour helps show organizers to grow revenue and profit without investing a significant amount of time and effort.

Personalize your PlanTour site

Customize your PlanTour site with your branding, colors, and logo to provide a more personalized experience for exhibitors.

Showcase sponsorship opportunities throughout your venue

Don't limit your sponsorship program to hanging signs and column wraps. Add non-venue specific options tailored to your exhibitors.

Customize calls to action

Generate more sponsorship revenue with the right calls to action.

Provide an exhibitor-friendly experience

Exhibitors can customize a wish list to consider multiple sponsorship options and purchase directly through the portal. From sponsorship agreements to instructions for submitting artwork, exhibitors have access to documents when they need them.

Manage inventory and pricing in real time

See which sponsorship offerings get purchased as they’re sold. View which ones are left and track how much revenue you’ve collected.

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Custom PlanTour

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