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Interactive Kiosks & Walls

Interactive Kiosks & Walls

Connect with more attendees through interactive content.

Interactive kiosks and walls capture attendees' attention and offer you more opportunities to engage them. From dual-screen kiosks to variable-sized video walls, displays come in various sizes and configurations. Greet attendees with a large-scale wall of user-generated content that’s constantly changing. Place kiosks or iPad stands at key areas throughout your venue where attendees can access event info, explore interactive experiences, take surveys, or share their information so you can stay in touch post event.

Showcase your brand, organization, or association

Create engaging and compelling interactive content for your audiences that vividly illustrate your brand's products and services.

Capture conversations and the energy

Pull from Twitter, Instagram and other online sources to create a social media wall that’s dynamic and engaging. Want to choose which tweets are displayed? You can remotely moderate content in real-time from any web-enabled device such a smartphone or laptop.

Attract and engage

Video technology such as interactive displays, kiosks, and video walls entice attendees to approach key areas within your event.

Grow sponsorship revenue

Every technology has an easy built-in solution to brand the screen with sponsorship logos, colors, and themes.

Capture insightful data

Post-event, gather data on attendee behavior and engagement. Uncover which information was the most sought-out, which products people were most interested in learning about, or how attendees shared on social media.

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Interactive Kiosks & Walls

Apps and digital products that fully immerse people in an experience and keep them engaged throughout.
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