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Sync by Freeman™

Sync by Freeman

Create two-way dynamic participation, increase audience engagement, and improve presenter effectiveness.

About Sync (formerly FXP | Touch)

In 2016, Freeman acquired, a leading developer of an event-focused second screen platform, FXP | touch. Their technology has been in development since 2011 and continues to evolve. Now, FXP | touch is Sync by Freeman and presenting new features to engage the audience.

Take Audience Engagement to the Next Level

Sync is a second-screen platform that creates two-way dynamic participation in presentations, which increases your audience’s engagement and presenter’s effectiveness. This web-based solution is easy to implement and scales to any audience size because it doesn’t require an app download or additional hardware for the attendees to use.

  • Increase audience engagement by connecting them to interactive content, including polls, quizzes, and games
  • Enhance presenter effectiveness through collaboration and coaching from Freeman event experts
  • Extend the message by allowing your audiences to engage with content after sessions with the on-demand feature
  • Make real-time changes to the sessions based on quantifiable data

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Sync by Freeman™

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