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Help attendees navigate your event quickly and efficiently.

A lost attendee is an unhappy one. Help your audience find exactly where they need to go so they can quickly get to can't-miss sessions or find relevant content. The interactive display provides instant access to searchable exhibitor databases, interactive venue floor plans, personalized maps, and more. When last-minute changes to the show floor or schedule arise, it's easy to make instant updates to provide attendees up-to-date information. Kiosks can also showcase sponsors, host video, and display social media tickers.

Interactive maps for attendees

Interactive Wayfinding kiosks provide attendees a visual perspective of the venue and help them quickly find facility details or locate exhibitors by touching on interactive icons such as exhibitor booth numbers, escalators, restrooms, food, etc.

Revenue opportunities for show organizers

With sponsorship opportunities, kiosks offer extensive opportunities to offset cost while increasing your revenue.

Value for exhibitors

Use kiosks to gather metrics on what attendees are interested in, provide go-to product information, or advertise.

Solutions /

Apps and digital products that fully immerse people in an experience and keep them engaged throughout.
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