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Fuzion by Freeman™

Fuzion by Freeman

Event technology integration platform.

The ultimate dream for all marketers is a suite of products that work together seamlessly, forming the backbone of a data-rich strategy.

But that suite of products is an event tech unicorn. Instead, we have a number of products that work well for their individual purposes, but don’t feed into a holistic solution that serves all, not just part, of an experience.

Fuzion by Freeman™ is changing the game for how event professionals integrate their digital technology. This product ecosystem acts as a foundation between digital technology solutions – creating a common language that allows them to talk to each other.

What is Fuzion by Freeman™?

Digital Integration

Fuzion by Freeman™ is the industry’s first-ever, open digital event technology platform, creating a seamless experience for event organizers and attendees by connecting data across all points of the event ecosystem.

Data Exchange Protocol

Data Warehouse

API Library

Certification & Partnership

Data Security & Governance

Administrative Portal

Developer Portal

Who benefits from Fuzion by Freeman™?

Event Organizers

Increase operational efficiency by ensuring that all your digital technologies speak the same language.

Fuzion by Freeman™ benefits for event organizers:

  • Ability to choose best-in-class digital solutions
  • Recover valuable time and resources
  • Increase attendee experience and satisfaction
  • Enable easier technology adoption

Tech Partners

Make your digital solution instantly more valuable by connecting it to your client’s technology ecosystem.

Fuzion by Freeman™ benefits for partners:

  • Help solve an industry-wide challenge
  • Accelerate event industry innovation
  • Simplify integrations for you and your clients
  • Expand reach with a new marketing channel

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Power to Choose

The freedom and flexibility to create the right solution.

There are hundreds of technology solutions out there that can help you deliver engaging attendee experiences throughout the event lifecycle. Instead of deciding which event tech products we want you to use, we think you should have the flexibility and power to make the decisions that best support your events strategy. And we want to make that easy for you.

We’ll make sure your digital technology solutions are talking the same language, so you can plug-and-play whichever products enable you to tell the best story at your events.

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