Consumer Insights

Consumer Insights

Know what audiences think.

No matter the industry, insights from consumers are immensely valuable.

From purchasing decisions and design preferences to how buyers interact with your brand, consumer data is critical to developing business strategies. The Freeman Design Insights Panel is focused on unlocking the preferences and behaviors of affluent, design-centric consumers across a variety of industries.

This panel, which consists of more than 7,500 members, represents the first collection of insights from consumers within the brand experience space and is dedicated — in part — to the brand experience and live events industries.

The insights span nine years of longitudinal studies showing behaviors and trends of a highly curated group of individuals: panelists selected due to strong design sensibilities for a wide range of products and services as well as for their "bellwether" attributes such as being the first to try new products and services, and embracing technology and innovation ahead of the curve.

Valuable and Customized Data

Freeman is able to follow up with panelists to garner deeper insights if requested, providing you with valuable and customized data that can be used when developing future offerings and to best influence design and purchasing decisions.

This unbiased group can help you explore and test ideas before completely investing in them. You receive an exclusive sounding board for concept and creative testing with relevant and targeted consumers and influencers. 

Ready to dive right in? These influential consumers share their opinion on the auto experience in the Freeman Automotive Experience Study.

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