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Spread out your experiences

This SXSW formula immerses attendees in a multi-day (and multi-location) experience extravaganza. To festivalize, cultivate diverse offerings that combine audiences’ personal and professional interests. Offer entertaining and stimulating activities, but most important, make sure it’s designed with purpose and is authentic to your organization’s mission.

Festivalization in Action:

  • Google created a carnival-themed experience at the Dad 2.0 conference to spread awareness for its Be Internet Awesome campaign, which promotes online safety and digital citizenship.
  • Merial Inc. expanded its presence beyond its exhibit booth to include a T-shirt creation area, a veterinarian + puppy interactive area, and a separate “Pup Cup” soccer area, resulting in a 30 percent uptick in visitors.
  • The Detroit Auto Dealers Association (DADA) plans to overhaul the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) into a festival-like experience spanning a 1.2-acre park, outdoor stage, downtown center, and three-plus miles of riverfront space with high-tech innovations, test drives, self-driving car demos, and more.
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