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Plus! Presents Zumba Fitness

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A record-breaking experience


Uniting the National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) Plus! Family

Location: Singapore / Asia Pacific Industry: Sports, Entertainment & Travel

Plus! members often spend a lot of time away from their families due to long hours spent in the workplace. Caring for its members is always the highest priority for Plus!, so management created the first-ever mass-participation event for Plus! members and their families. The unique mass-participation experience attracted and appealed to the whole family, across a wide age spectrum and diverse cultures. Plus! aimed to unite families and also connect them to the wider NTUC family.

Building Passion and Participation with Zumba

Plus! partnered with Freeman to maximize enthusiasm, participation, and registration for the event. By leveraging the global Zumba phenomenon, Plus! was able to appeal to a widespread audience with the Plus! Zumba Fitness Challenge. Zumba is a popular high-energy dance-style fitness that is globally recognised and a fun activity that everyone can participate in.

The Zumba-themed event and Zumba phenomenon allowed the shared experience to be fun whilst also helping to promote the important message of health, fitness, and well-being.

Powering the Experience with Purpose

The team selected the high-profile Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza as the venue for the event. The central downtown location was easy for people to get to and created a high level of public awareness and buzz about the event.

The experience was made more attractive and purposeful by the added dimension of attempting to achieve the record for the largest Zumba dance held in Singapore. Popular local celebrity Kelly Latimer engaged the crowd during the Singapore record attempt and pumped up the energy to keep everyone in the family dancing. For attendees who needed a break from dancing, a carnival of activities was set up for people of all ages to enjoy, amplifying interaction, engagement, and appeal.

Record-Breaking Success

Plus! made history at this event, with over 1,100 family members of all ages participating in the Plus! Zumba Challenge. The sold-out event set a new Singapore record for largest Zumba dance and also attracted media interest. Feedback from members and families confirmed that the team-building experience boosted morale as well as being fun for everyone in the family. Plus! members and their families participated, reconnected, and engaged together in the unique shared experience.

Plus! also signed up new members for the Plus! Card through a product showcase and also through the face-to-face marketing platform of the live event.

Due to the highly visible central location and the extensive branding, the Plus! Zumba Fitness Challenge and Plus! achieved high levels of brand awareness with a large and relevant target audience.

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