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Creating a Healthy Community at a Large Event


A brand experience wellness plan

Industry: Healthcare

The American Public Health Association’s (APHA) Annual Meeting and Expo brings together more than 12,000 attendees in the public health arena from across the U.S. and around the world to network, educate, and share experiences.

APHA sought to upgrade its annual event from a trade show to a multimedia interactive experience that both engaged and educated its audience, with a goal of reaching far beyond the walls of the Colorado Convention Center.

A digital marketing prescription

Freeman and APHA worked together to create and produce digital marketing and brand experience solutions as well as cutting-edge networking, streaming, and social media strategies that could be seamlessly implemented for audiences in both Denver and around the world. In addition, we created custom signage and video to meet the standards, vision, and goals of the conference.

Nursing the brand experience

APHA introduced APHA Live, a live-stream service, to bring education to audiences worldwide — complete with real-time transcription. All streamed events were available live and on-demand after the event, enabling people from around the world to virtually attend the association’s premiere sessions without the expense of travel.

At the Mix and Mingle Lounge, we added a social media wall: large screens broadcasting event and attendee social media posts, as well as information on leaderboards and other real-time conference news.

Digital signage and video screens were placed strategically across the venue complete with streaming social media posts and must-know info — as well as Quiz Time: an interactive touch screen game testing participants’ knowledge on the different facets of APHA.

Paging all engaged attendees

Not only did participation at the Mix and Mingles Lounge increase, attendance grew across other social events like the APHA dance event and yoga sessions — due to the increased visibility from digital signage and social strategies.

APHA Live resulted in an engaging 900 hours of video watched and 3300 user visits, a successful initiative that would continue for future events and further collaboration between APHA and Freeman.

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