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Climate Reality Project

Climate Reality Project Leadership Training

Conferences & Exhibitions

Inspiring International Activism


Creating education and awareness to combat climate change

Location: International Industry: Government, Public & Non-Profit

The Climate Reality Project (CRP) wants to transform the planet by developing leaders and activists through education and training on sustainability, renewable energy, and environmental responsibility.

Since 2013, Freeman® has partnered with CRP to produce multiple high-profile global events per year, reaching thousands of attendees from more than 53 countries and bringing a broad range of presenters to areas that have recently experienced an environmental crisis.

Education to save the Earth

CRP’s main goal is education and awareness, creating support for the organization’s efforts to make a positive impact on climate change. It seeks to develop activists who champion the cause by increasing sustainability, adopting green practices in their individual lives, and carrying on the message of CRP.

That’s no small goal for any organization, but the additional challenge CRP faces is putting on consistent international events despite the differences in geography, language, and culture.

An adaptive, green approach

The event design focuses on creating the perfect learning environment to teach and inspire a large group of people in a short amount of time. It highlights sustainability and eco-friendly green practices in everything from venue to vendor.

Freeman acts as a trusted advisor to CRP across the board, leveraging everything from strategy and logistics to fabrication and audio visual. Our global partner program lends international support, adding a “glocal” flair no matter the location.

A strategy that sustains success

Thanks to a unified strategy and solid partnership, over 14,000 leaders in over 140 countries have been trained to date, with 18 global events (and counting) since the start of the program. The events successfully deliver a consistent experience while embracing the locales and cultures in the different international venues.

CRP is able to grow its support network year over year, creating influence across the globe thanks to the thousands of inspired participants.

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