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MJB Wood Group

International Woodworking Fair

Exhibits & Installations

Building Product Awareness


Creating a warm welcome

MJB Wood Group is a technology-driven wood products company that offers innovative supply chain solutions. MJB wanted to introduce current and potential resellers to its new home products, including the MJB American Classics Collection wall and ceiling panels, at the International Woodworking Fair. The brand wanted to debut the collection by telling its story on both a macro and a micro level. In addition to creating a good story through its booth, the design needed to be adaptable for a future exhibition at the World Millwork Alliance Show.

A homey space

The team at MJB Wood Group envisioned a warm and friendly atmosphere to feature its products in a big way while also building the structure with the actual MJB wood products within the design. The brand hoped to mesh a homey atmosphere with an up-close look at the products. With these goals in mind, e4 Design, a Freeman company, collaborated with MJB, working through various “home-like” layouts until the team settled on a warm, open, deconstructed living room space to welcome attendees.

Click here to learn more about e4 Design, a Freeman company.

Deconstructed and on display

The MJB products were utilized as the graphic inlays to build a deconstructed home. Featuring MJB shiplap, millwork, and cabinets, the booth welcomed attendees into an open and cozy living room that also showed its high-quality wood products in action. The 20’ x 30’ booth space was maximized with high ceilings, warm lighting, and open meeting spaces paired with a rotating product display and looping video presentation. The rotating product display allowed attendees to interact with the wood products at close range. The booth stood as a literal product showcase for MJB materials. The strong yet warm space showed attendees how the products would appear in actual constructions.

Built for success

The new custom booth presented MJB as a company dedicated to innovation and style. Flexibility with the booth structure and incorporating its product as the graphic inlays enables MJB to use different booth configurations at future shows. Amy Quaid, Chief Information Officer for MJB Wood Group, reported back that attendees loved being able to see the product in a real-life application on the booth walls and that it helped elevate show floor discussions.

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