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City of Edmonton

Winter Cities Shake-Up


Shake up the snow


Creating a fully immersive experience through audio visual

Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Industry: Government, Public & Non-Profit

Canadians are determined to find creative ways to capture warm spots and enjoy all that winter can offer. Edmonton is cold for almost half of the year, which makes it the perfect host location to promote the potential of winter.

Winter wonderland

The City of Edmonton hosted The Winter Cities Shake-Up, including guest speakers Terry O’Reilly and the Edmonton Mayor, Don Iverson. Freeman collaborated with the BUKSA and the City of Edmonton to imagine how to capture the charming winter spirit.

A large, curved Peroni screen — 132 feet wide and 21 feet high — splashed across the stage. We produced video content and graphics combined with the use of lighting and decor to immerse the audience in the experience.

The most eye-catching piece of the event was the illusion of a giant snow globe to offer a way for the audience to be immersed into the winter wonderland and imagine the future of Canadian winter cities. The conference’s title, “Winter Cities Shake Up,” aligned beautifully with the animations projected onto the three-dimensional 12’ inflatable sphere.

A 25-foot long LED wall was placed in front of the snow globe to feature videos, text, and the logos of the Winter Cities Shake-Up and their sponsors. All of the content projected on the screen, globe, and LED wall was developed and produced by our creative services team.

Surpassing expectations

Guests at the three-day Winter Cities conference were blown away by the experience. Afterwards, our client said, “They really listened to what we needed during our planning meetings and then came up with an AV concept that was so powerful and all-encompassing; it shook up the audience’s assumptions of what it is to attend an international conference.”

The whole wraparound experience was breathtaking. You felt like you were right in the middle of all this joyous winter activity, which dwarfed the room in its size and scope.

Winter City client

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