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Philadelphia Museum of Art

Exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art


Work on what you love — rethinking design


Mapping the journey of an inspirational career

Location: Philadelphia / USA Industry: Government, Public & Non-Profit

Each year, the Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA) and Collab, a group of design professionals and enthusiasts, presents the Design Excellence Award to an individual who inspires the design community. This year, the Design Excellence Award was given to Bruce Mau, Chief Design Officer at Freeman. A design visionary, Mau has worked with countless corporations, institutions, and countries on game-changing projects utilizing design thinking methodology.

A life's work

Mau initially gained international recognition for his graphic and communication design, and has since diversified his practice into architecture and urban design, sustainability and system design, and education.

As part of the Design Excellence Award, PMA asked Mau to showcase his life’s work in the museum with an exhibit focused on his collaborations and 24 design principles. These principles inspire people to approach challenges in life and work with a designer’s eye and creative mind, just as Mau does in his own work.

We collaborated with PMA, Mau, and his team to develop an immersive exhibit not only featuring, but connecting, nine of Mau’s design projects and telling an immersive, inspirational story. Our team collaborated to create an experience that would move audiences physically, intellectually, and emotionally. Utilizing journey mapping, we built the exhibit to allow each individual to take in the experience at his or her own personal preference.

One of the design principles that's absolutely central to what we're doing with Freeman is compete with beauty. When something is beautiful and compelling, and when you look at something and you can't resist, that creates value.

Bruce Mau

Chief Design Officer, Freeman

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