We are a global leader in events
that make moments that matter.

What are those?
They are unforgettable experiences that create meaningful connections. Our integrated full-service solutions leverage a 97-year legacy in event management as well as new technologies to build loyalty trust between audiences and the world’s top brands.

Our Story

It all began with a party. While pledging a national fraternity at the University of Iowa, young Donald S. “Buck” Freeman discovered his passion for party decorating and parades. He saw an opportunity to use his enthusiasm for bringing people together to create meaningful experiences.

A true visionary, Buck firmly believed in creating personal relationships in an impersonal world. As Freeman grew, Buck’s commitment to building these meaningful customer relationships became infused throughout the organization. This never-ending drive to meet customers’ ever-changing needs better than anyone else has made us one of the world’s leading event companies.

I was never really focused on being the biggest, simply being the best. Buck Freeman Founder

Making moments that matter.

Some of our key milestones:

Our Values

Since the beginning, we have been driven by a purpose and guided by the values we hold dear. Across our entire organization, regardless of role, everyone at Freeman is committed to making moments that matter with:


It’s first because without it, nothing else matters. It’s honesty, trust, humility, and doing the right thing above all else. It’s who we are and who you can expect us to always be.


Success can only be achieved if we put people at the center and truly understand what’s important to them. It’s observing, listening, and caring about perceptions, expectations, and feelings of others. It’s at the heart of what we do.


Good enough is never enough. We are constantly searching for ideas that deliver lasting value and improve the experiences we create.


Enthusiasm inspires confidence — no matter the situation. Our teams embrace challenges with optimism in the name of creating solutions that inspire audiences to action.

Learning Mindset
Learning Mindset

A learning mindset is something that everyone in our organization embraces. It walks together with our value of innovation, which is fueled by curiosity and experimentation. Everything we experience can teach us something.

We abide by a Code
of Conduct. It’s available
for download in U.S. English.

Our Brands

Our portfolio of brands expands our network of talent and expertise to help bring your experiences to life for your most important audiences.

Alford Media

Premier agency for audio, video, lighting, visual effects, participant experience, webcasting, and any related technology needed for events

BaAM Productions

Creative experience company specializing in high-profile sports and entertainment events

Convention Data Services

Trusted in event registration, business intelligence, and lead management, CDS partners with top show organizers worldwide

Impact Point Group

Strategic event advisory partner specializing in overall event portfolio strategy and business impact services for corporate brands.


Marketing agency and business advisory partner for the most successful events organizations and associations in the world


Global experiential marketing agency for today’s live + digital world. Through meaningful experiences, we transform audiences into passionate brand champions.
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