Freeman Continues to Improve The Overall Customer Experience With New Enhancements For Exhibitors

September 24, 2019

In partnership with show organizers, Freeman has launched a series of customer service enhancements aimed at improving and simplifying the overall exhibitor experience. In response to exhibitor and organizer feedback, Freeman has implemented new approaches to simplify the process and alleviate exhibitor pain points. These include:

  • Per-Pound Pricing Model: The simplified per-pound pricing model is now available for wide adoption, helping exhibitors budget for show-related expenses, while making planning and preparation more predictable. Freeman has been working in partnership with organizers over the last year to continue to improve the exhibitor experience. Our new per-pound pricing model for material handling has proven to be successful across a series of pilot events.
  • Empty Return Visibility: Show floor maps will be posted with specific empty return times by zone to help exhibitors understand and plan their post-show schedule.
  • Priority Empty Returns: Exhibitors will have the opportunity to purchase priority labels to receive their empty returns in an expedited manner, allowing them to better manage their time.
  • Access Storage: In order to allow exhibitors to budget more accurately, Freeman will make available a flat, one-time fee for storage, and access to those items is unlimited with no additional charges.

These changes are part of an ongoing effort to make the exhibiting process easier and more predictable, allowing exhibitors to focus on providing meaningful experiences for their attendees.

“Our ongoing efforts including these latest enhancements will allow organizers to provide their exhibitors greater predictability and an enhanced overall experience,” said Janet Dell, Chief Growth Officer, Freeman. “We will continue to bring these types of innovations to the marketplace to serve our customers and the industry at large.”

Media Contact:

Matt Falso, Freeman
[email protected]

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