Freeman Launches Net Zero Roadmap

March 7, 2024

Freeman remains committed to reducing its environmental impact by achieving Net Zero Carbon by 2050

Dallas, TX (March 7, 2024) – Freeman, the global leader in events, shared its Net Zero Carbon Events Initiative (NCZE) roadmap today, outlining the company’s plans to reduce its environmental impact and capitalize on the event industry’s core strength of bringing people together for a common purpose.

“Freeman’s history is one long story of people achieving amazing things because they are resolved to it,”  said Bob Priest-Heck, Freeman CEO.  “Our commitment to reaching Net Zero builds on this legacy. We know how to take on big challenges. It requires a clear strategy and a detailed tactical plan to solve a lot of smaller challenges over time, with each one taking us closer to the goal of Net Zero. We won’t get there overnight. But we’ll get there.”

In 2021, Freeman became a founding signatory to Net Zero Carbon Events (NZCE) pledge which has grown tremendously from 21 at inception to now over 600 supporting organizations from 60 countries, all driving to the goal of net zero.

Freeman’s roadmap builds on actions, initiatives, and investments already in place and seeks to accelerate its progress with scale and new innovations. Accelerating forward includes:

  • Reduce and Replace: Freeman will follow a course of “Reduce and Replace” in many of our impact areas. It wants to reduce its use of all resources and replace conventional ones with sustainable options for the energy and goods it uses.
  • Expand Rental and Reuse Programs: By encouraging customers to choose rentals over single-use items that end up in the landfill post-event, Freeman is helping events become more sustainable overall.
  • Expand End-of-Event Options:
    • Donation Programs: By operationalizing the Freeman process for donations and building strong relationships with non-profit recipients, Freeman can better provide this service for its customers.
    • Recycling: By using Freeman’s national scale, it will drive innovation in recycling to instead divert materials from the landfill.

As the needs of Freeman’s business and the needs of our planet change, Freeman’s Roadmap to Net Zero will be assessed, adjusted, and updated at minimum annually to account for significant changes. Click here for the full report.

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