New Digital Solutions from Freeman Drive and Enhance Attendee Engagement

November 6, 2019

At its core, the live event and brand experience industry is all about engagement. No other medium provides the immersive environment for these brand and customer interactions to truly flourish in a way that creates memorable, lasting impressions. And to help better connect and encourage these interactions between exhibitors, brands, attendees, and potential customers, Freeman® – the world’s leading live and brand experience company – has announced a new suite of engagement solutions.

Freeman’s engagement solutions include a variety of tools to help brands drive attendee interactions at their events and exhibits. The suite includes the following technology offerings:

  • Explore by FreemanTM solution
    Explore is a set of packaged experiential solutions that help brands showcase their products and tell their stories in multisensory, eye-catching ways. These solutions help organizers, exhibitors, and sponsors demonstrate innovation and engage attendees, while also helping to maximize their investment.
  • Fluent by FreemanTM solution
    Fluent is an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant that helps organizers answer attendee questions immediately and across multiple mediums including voice, text, web and social platforms. Building on Freeman’s award-winning chatbot solution, Fluent provides a platform that works both on web, text, and on smart speaker systems with voice assistants. With Fluent, organizers can leverage an intuitive content management system to create a world-class chatbot solution quickly and effectively. Fluent helps improve customer service, drive attendance, sell exhibitor and sponsor space, and engage attendees on-site.
  • Luminate by FreemanTM solution
    Luminate offers interactive and digital display solutions designed to increase engagement opportunities at events with easy-to-use navigation and visually captivating signage. Real-time features give organizers the flexibility they want and attendees the information they need, enhancing attendee and exhibitor experiences and touchpoints.

“Creating meaningful engagements with audiences has never been more important. These engagements transform audiences into brand advocates, and casual attendees into customers. So, when you think about it, in today’s world, engagement isn’t optional. It’s a must,” said Danielle Puceta, SVP, Digital, Freeman. “Our engagement solutions also provide new and unique ways for brands to offer sponsorship opportunities to their customers, which not only creates memorable touchpoints for their company but also maximizes the investment associated with their event or exhibit.”

Freeman’s engagement solutions can be used individually or together to create the unique live experience or event that your brand needs to stand out and deliver at the level your audience is expecting. To learn more about Freeman’s engagement solutions, register for our upcoming webinar on November 14. The webinar will also be available on demand after the live session.

Also, please reach out to [email protected] if you have questions or if you would like additional information about Explore, Fluent, or Luminate.

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