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What We Do

Helping brands build powerful experiences.

We’re inventing a new way for people to experience brands

An increasing number of screens and platforms compete for your audience’s ears and eyes each day. None can truly captivate their attention. Because traditional media falls short in creating genuine human experiences.

Brand experience is the only medium that can employ every human sense to tell your story. Powerful brand experiences fully immerse audiences in sights, smells, and sounds. They invite people to discover through touch and taste.

Brand experience is the single channel that can shape how people feel about your brand. By incorporating many senses into the experiences we design for clients, we take audiences to interesting and surprising places. We invent new realities, and we connect people in incredible ways.

  • 79%

    of brands say they’ll pursue more events this year than they did last.

    EventTrack Event & Experiential Marketing Industry Forecast & Best Practices Stud

  • 82%

    of executives place higher budget priority on face-to-face meetings than technology or customer research.

    Meetings Mean Business: Business Leaders Survey

  • 87%

    of consumers say events are more effective than commercials.

    EventTrack Event & Experiential Marketing Industry Forecast & Best Practices Study

Designing Brand Experiences

Brand experiences drive discussions and decisions

A multitude of screens vie for your audience’s eyes and ears every day. Yet only one channel can truly grab, hold, and captivate all five senses — the brand experience channel. It’s all about creating an experience that connects people in meaningful ways. When people are immersed and engaged, you have their full attention to share your message.

A personal approach

Be part of the story

As access to information grows, so does information overload. To cut through the noise, people crave personalized custom experiences that speak to their wants, needs, and desires. Personalization is no longer optional. It’s required.

Experiences that are 100% memorable.

And 100% measurable.

Leverage the best digital tools to kickstart conversations with your audience — and keep the dialogue going long after the event. When you can measure how people engage with each other and your brand in real-time, you’re ready to make smarter decisions.

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People first through design thinking

Connect with your audience on a personal level

Our approach is driven by design thinking. With your audience as our North Star, we design custom experiences for them. As the needs of your audience change and technologies evolve, so does the customer journey. Freeman brings to life events that deliver value by looking for every opportunity to innovate, improve, and evolve the experience for our clients, partners, and attendees.

Experience through design thinking

Deep knowledge and unparalleled experience

With offices around the world, the collective expertise of our 7,000+ employees spans every industry, region, and event type. Your Freeman teams have a proven track record of delivering successful outcomes for organizations just like yours.

No detail too small

Big-impact experiences for brands of any size

Need to bring your sales force together to launch a new product? Make a big impact with your next trade show program? Increase sponsorship revenues while improving the overall experience? No matter what your goals, it all starts with creating a stand-out program. Our team is ready to help amplify your brand by helping you make personal connections that count.

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