Etienne Chia

Etienne Chia

Vice President, Digital & Strategy

​Etienne leads his team to deliver the best integrated brand experiences in the market, by combining insightful strategic planning, creative storytelling and cutting-edge technology to address clients’ challenges.

An accomplished communications expert, with a multi-disciplinary background and a track record of success in multi-cultural environments, Etienne is passionate about leveraging the power of digital to enhance storytelling and amplify shared, live brand experiences.

I enjoy combining all the different insights gained from my multi-disciplinary experience, to offer a truly integrated view on marketing and communications to help clients address business challenges.

Etienne helps clients realise the full potential of digital by applying ‘design thinking’ to solve complex business problems. Etienne enjoys his role in creating brand experience platforms which engage audiences in meaningful and impactful ways. With a strong sense of purpose, Etienne inspires, educates and empowers his team with the best knowledge, tools and partners, to deliver the most effective solutions for clients to achieve their communication and marketing objectives.


With diverse perspectives drawn from a variety of industries and backgrounds, our leadership provides unique solutions to meet the evolving challenges of our industry.


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