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Andy Macey

EVP Global Strategy

Successful strategies are easy to identify — they’re the ones that result in customer growth. While some may get lucky and succeed without clear, well-developed strategy, they will never be able to keep up with companies who take the time to build a foundation of strategic insights and follow those guidelines.

Data-driven strategies are the order of the day throughout many industries, and the brand experience category is no different. But for a global company like Freeman — which strives to reach ever-higher levels of customer service — data needs to be accompanied by a strategic, worldwide perspective, operational success, and cutting-edge technological solutions.

With Andy Macey leading the Global Strategy practice, Freeman has a proven leader who can provide the experience, knowledge, and insights that are essential in helping our customers around the world create unique, memorable live experiences. Andy’s history of success in leading growth and innovation across business segments is strengthened by a methodical, analytical approach for developing comprehensive and effective strategies, roadmaps, and long-term plans.

Over the past three decades, Andy has built strategic advisory services at SapientNitro (now SapientRazorfish) and led digital, omnichannel, and tech innovation at companies including CVS Health and Italian eyewear company Luxottica. Throughout his career, Andy has worked on new technologies and growth platforms with a long list of market leaders, such as Fidelity, GE, GM, Tesco, Target, Staples, The Coca-Cola Company, Kimberly-Clark, and P&G. His most recent position was Managing Director at Stax Inc., a private equity and corporate advisory firm, where he led M&A and growth strategy for private equity and corporate clients.

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