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Claudia Stephenson

VP Business Development, EMEA

​Having grown up in both Europe and the U.S., Claudia intimately understands that we live in a big, diverse world.

This global perspective gives a critical advantage to Freeman clients seeking to present themselves as leaders in international markets. Claudia is uniquely equipped to navigate the cultural differences of our clients’ target audiences – wherever they may be. Her skill for developing customized face-to-face marketing solutions continually results in richer, more engaging, and ultimately more unifying customer experiences.

I love working with people from such varied backgrounds and hearing stories about their lives. I believe that everyone has something important to say.

Working from our London office – which she launched in 2011 as Freeman’s first office outside of North America – Claudia has planned and executed successful events around the world. The secret to her success lies in her ability to integrate resources and talents from across our organization to produce highly impactful projects that leverage the power of Freeman. Always connecting with the people around her, she’s refreshed by the diversity of our client base, and she embraces the potential for shared experiences to make this world a more interesting place to live.

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