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Transforming the scene

Almost overnight, the COVID-19 pandemic transformed the way people around the world approach day-to-day activities, from in-person and public settings to engaging with one another from the comfort of their own homes. This shift changed the way we shop, the way we socialize, and the way we work. Webex by Cisco, an innovative industry leader in video conferencing and online and digital work, quickly saw the need for a more user-friendly, livable, and innovative hybrid-work experience. To stay top of mind in what would soon became a competitive space, WebexOne created a two-day virtual event showcasing the latest Webex products, innovations, and acquisitions.

Six weeks out from the WebexOne virtual event, Webex leadership decided to transform their approach to sharing the brand’s latest products and hybrid work story for one of the main keynotes. Leadership tasked the event marketing team to think differently about the format and the delivery of a typical PowerPoint.

How could WebexOne hook the audience with its compelling message more effectively?


Ready. Set. Vignette.

Freeman worked with the Webex team to develop, write, and film the idea: Create real-life scripted vignettes where attendees could view the new products and solutions in everyday situations — these would incorporate all the technical aspects of networking, devices, and demos. With 13 vignettes, and a sound stage that could only host five at a time, we had to build, tear down and rebuild new vignettes and then rearrange vignettes for the different flows while also working closely with content, design, and product. 

There were numerous technical and logistical challenges that came with designing, fabricating and planning a shoot of 13 sets in such a dense timeframe. But with three overlapping camera units, the production team designed an extremely efficient methodology to continuously roll cameras in multiple zones of the studio.

One of the biggest wins was enabling a diverse and inclusive roster of Webex subject matter experts across engineering, product development, and marketing versus hiring actors or trained speakers. In record time, we were able to train presenters, enable table-reads, and film each vignette. Without this amazing group of talented individuals, we would have had no final product.  


Webex success

Webex was able to successfully present its innovative solutions to enable modern hybrid work and do it in a meaningful and engaging way. 

The presentation was broadcast over a three-day period and was offered in several languages to reach people across the world. The event was free to register and included keynotes and 30 broadcast sessions.

This event reached more people and achieved higher satisfaction in 2021 than other years. These social media stats prove the positive response:

  • 5.2M + keynote views across social channels
  • 104% to target (5M)
  • 193% YoY

The WebexOne campaign also exceeded all expectations and goals, especially in comparison to the 2020 iteration. Registration alone received 125% of the brand’s target goal and welcomed more than 76K attendees. As for new business, WebexOne successfully generated $60M+ to the sales pipeline.

1 M
Keynote views over social media channels
1 %
Year-over-year increase in social mentions
$ 1 M
Revenue generated to the sales pipeline

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