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Inspiration and intersection

vivo, a leading smartphone maker in China, planned to deploy pop-up stores for Shanghai and Chengdu simultaneously. vivo wanted to offer a museum or gallery-like experience to showcase the seamless integration of its NEX smartphone LCD screen, which features an innovative front and back display. The brand intended to highlight the borderless appeal of its all-LCD screen Android smartphone for more personal immersive experiences.

For NEX and its key photo-taking opportunity, we were inspired by the founder of Polaroid, Edwin Land, who thought of photography as “the intersection of science and arts.” The idea of the pop-up store would be to show how the borderless LCD screen helps consumers perceive more facets of their lives to discover limitless potential.

We wanted to create a NEX museum that welcomed guests to explore the many sides of themselves in terms of their inner view, worldview, and even personal perception of time. We also wanted to encourage people to share shots of their experiences to drive online buzz and conversations about the new NEX.


An exploratory aesthetic

The first experience zone emulated the phone’s façade with a hall of mirrors. Visitors witnessed random famous philosophical quotes about how one’s inner outlook can become much more with a more expansive outlook on life.

Next, guests visited a creative tech installation that showed a cityscape infinitely folding upon itself, illustrating the limitless potential of a mind freed by technology.

The last area was an art installation, showing the infinite potential where time and space co-exist in a borderless world, and how our perception of time in a day is enhanced. Viewed at any angle, the time sequences shown in the display will added up to 24 hours.


A positively social response

For the three-day event, vivo’s pop-up stores received 14,310 visitors with an astonishing 96% positive survey results. The on-ground experience drove enormous social sharing in terms of 600,000 unique views.

1 K+
visitors in 3 days
1 %
positive survey results
1 K+
unique views from social

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