WebEx One 2023

Online Worlds
Collide In Real Life

Focused on online communication and connectivity, WebEx One has historically been a virtual event that explores the ever-changing nature of work and how the WebEx online collaboration platform leads the way.

Freeman helped relaunch the 2022 virtual experience with incredible results, but WebEx wanted to doubledown on this success by launching the in-person experience and simultaneously growing both audiences.

Full-circle strategy and creative

We helped the Webex One team strategize, plan, and produce the entire event from A to Z including design, creative, content, and audience acquisition strategies.

The ultimate win? Reaching and registering the right attendees to enjoy all aspects of an incredible experience that ultimately delivered $1B worth of pipeline … Find out how below.

Billion-dollar delivery

This captivating experience set the tone for the brand’s enthusiastic audience and future KPIs while generating exponential growth:

  • $1B worth of pipeline touched at the event
  • 16.7M keynote views — up 42% from previous year
  • Attained 123.2% of in-person external registration goal of 1,000 (1200 people attended live)
  • 23K virtual attendees — exceeded both 10K virtual registration goal and 20K stretch goal
  • >96% overall social engagement for both virtual and in-person attendees
  • Sold out all master classes and trainings
  • 400+ published articles covering the event

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