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Annual Event

Workday, an enterprise management software provider, needed a refresh for its long-running annual conference, Workday Rising.

The challenge? Several other conferences took place simultaneously and relied on similar local resources, such as labor.

Single partner, multi-resource approach

Our strong partnership with Workday along with a vast network of longstanding relationships (external and internal) made it possible to deliver an event that wowed 14,000 in-person and 7,500 virtual attendees.

How Workday made it all work

Designing and creating the trade show floor and hub included audio visual elements such as LED screens, interactive touchscreens, and engagement kiosks. But the show stopper was a massive, LED sphere, suspended like a disco ball at the center of the hub, immediately engaging and informing attendees.

Helping to achieve its Bronze Sustainability credential, Workday drastically limited the use of carpet, moved in reusable rental furniture, and recycled 50,000 square feet of fabrics.

Going behind the scenes, behavior mapping technology captured attendee sentiment, making it possible for show organizers to view real-time data on dwell time, sentiment, and engagement.

See how it all came together

Take a closer look at Workday Rising and why the event exceeded all expectations and kept attendees engaged at every turn.

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