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Going Green with Emerald Carpets

Rolling out sustainable flooring options

Sustainability efforts can help organizations differentiate themselves, which is becoming more and more important as attendees choose which events they’ll attend. Prioritizing sustainability practices can make a positive impact on your event and business without making a negative impact on the environment.

Remember, sustainable options don’t have to cost more. They’re often built into products we’re already using without any difference in quality or performance compared to traditional products.

As part of the Freeman commitment to sustainability, one of our top priorities is improving the availability of sustainable flooring options at events.

That’s why we partner with Emerald Carpets, a leading manufacturer and supplier of trade show carpets in North America for more than 45 years. Sharing a strong commitment to sustainability, Emerald is on a mission to provide highly sustainable carpets that support an eco-friendly trade show experience.

How is this carpet more sustainable?

Emerald designed its sustainable carpet options to be reusable and recyclable. After multiple trade show uses, Emerald makes every attempt to repurpose the carpet. When it can no longer be reused or repurposed, Emerald recycles the carpet. As a result, this reduces energy needed, water use, and carbon emissions.

Ways carpet can help you take a step in the right direction towards greener events:

  • Just like plastics, aluminum, and glass, there are carpet options that use recycled content and are recyclable, both of which Emerald offers. Darker-colored carpets are the best option because they can be reused the most times and contents can be up to 50% recycled in the face fiber.
  • Emerald’s EPAD carpet padding is manufactured with 85% post-consumer recycled content and 5% post-industrial recycled content. All padding returned to Emerald after a show is either reused or recycled.
  • Choosing a domestically sourced carpet manufacturer such as Emerald with sustainable options, available in the U.S. and globally, is also a key factor in producing a greener event — to prevent carbon heavy shipping/transportation.
  • Partnering with a carpet vendor such as Emerald that offers environmentally friendly operations and is constantly improving and innovating is another smart step that can help achieve sustainability goals. Emerald is committed to landfill reduction and recycling products in its facilities, such as cardboard, plastics, bottles, cans, paper, etc.

Carpeting is just one way to get your green goals going.

Our team builds sustainability into all aspects of the business, and we offer a variety of sustainable product and service options in addition to carpet, including graphics, booths, rental furniture, and Energy Star AV equipment.

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Ready to get more eco?

Let's go green — together!

Let's go green — together!

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